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Styling Tips for Moms: From Daily Dressing to Date Night

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

A lot of the QUEENS I work with are also amazing moms, and as a mom myself, I understand how hard it can be to remember to take care of yourself. We often find ourselves in our go-to uniform: black leggings and tee-shirts.

Many moms think that if they are just at home for the day, it doesn’t really matter if they get dressed. But trust me when I say it really makes all the difference!

I believe that getting dressed is a spiritual experience. It is an activation. It is how we are able to show up as our fullest, highest selves. When you think of it this way, there’s no reason not to activate yourself.

When getting dressed seems overwhelming as a mom, I have a few simple tips that can help you look and feel your best–whether you’re at home, running errands, headed to work, or reconnecting with your significant other for a date night. I recently shared the tips I’m outlining below on the Momsanity Podcast with Amy Galvin and Parita Kuttappan. You can listen to our lovely conversation here, in addition to reading the tips below.

Daily Dressing

A well-curated athleisure wardrobe.

Let’s start with styling tips for daily dressing. A mom’s go-to uniform is athleisure. Leggings and tee-shirts are easy and comfortable, and I’m not going to tell you to stop wearing these–I love them, too! It’s about elevating these pieces. You want to find that uniform that makes you feel amazing every single day, and you don’t need to spend a fortune to do it.

How do you build an athleisure wardrobe that works for you? It is all about the essentials!

Your Athleisure Uniform Essentials:

  • A tee-shirt. A basic white tee is a great start, but also explore other colors and patterns that speak to you.

  • A pair of comfortable leggings. Black is a great start, but I recommend bringing more color in and having some fun with it.

  • A blazer. Blazers elevate everything. Really, layers of all types elevate your outfits. Cardigans and button-up shirts also work well.

  • A great pair of jeans. Find a pair that you love, that feels comfortable and makes you look amazing.

  • Sneakers. I recommend a pair of white sneakers that are simple, comfortable, and look amazing with anything. Another option to add on is combat boots.

  • Embellishments! I always say that QUEENS wear crowns, and these crowns are your embellishments. These are the accessories that will take your outfit from basic to Queen. This item could be a piece of jewelry, a hair accessory, a belt, a hat, a bag, etc.

Get a great pair of white sneakers!

And don't be afraid to add fun embellishments like some of the ones pictured here.

These will be a great start, but you can also download my Wardrobe Essentials List to help you assess your full wardrobe. And to make it even easier for you to get dressed in the morning and to grab these essentials out of your closet without having to think too hard about it, I recommend cleaning out your closet using my Shop + Clean Your Closet Guide.

If you’re still skeptical of whether you need or want to put effort into daily dressing, it really begins with your mindset. Set the intention for how you want to feel each day, and the type of energy you want to spread. Then curate your wardrobe based on this and what brings you joy.

Dressing During Transitional Times

Another common challenge moms have is with sizing, especially when our bodies are changing so much during pregnancy and postpartum. During this time, I recommend:

  • Going affordable when you’re buying essentials. There’s no need to invest in too many expensive pieces as your body changes

  • Borrowing pieces from your significant other. This is great for when we don’t want to invest in a lot of pieces while our bodies are changing. Try their blazers, button-down shirts, and tee-shirts, belt them, play with layers. Mixing feminine and masculine pieces can be a lot of fun and super chic, so pair the blazer with a dress or wear a cute heel.

  • Buying bigger sizes and not just maternity clothing. You don’t need to buy just those clothes labeled as maternity wear–sometimes buying bigger sizes in non-maternity wear can feel more chic and fun.

When your body is changing, it can be easy to judge yourself. So if you’re trying on new clothes or experimenting with outfits, try not to say “Yes” or “No” to them right away. Take a picture of yourself in the outfits and come back to it later. You will find that many things will grow on you!

Tip for trying new outfits: Snap a quick selfie and come back to it later.

From Daywear to Date Night

And finally, just as making time to take care of yourself when you’re a mom, so is staying connected with your significant other. My husband and I regularly make time for date nights.

Getting dressed for a date night also doesn’t need to be overwhelming. You can easily build on what you wore during the day, and it’s all about the embellishments!

Daywear to Date Night Embellishments:

  • Switch from sneakers to pumps. Having a pair of pumps you love is a MUST! I recommend starting with a nude or white pair rather than black. I really love white pumps because they look fresh and elevate every single outfit.

  • Add sparkly earrings.

  • Swap out your laptop bag for a cute clutch.

  • Add a blazer (a sparkly one could be fun).

  • Change out your top for a cute camisole (and keep the same jeans or leggings).

Doing one or more of these will elevate your outfit and make it perfect for date night.

White pumps and a cute bag elevate any outfit!

It's Your Turn! You've Got This.

I hope that all of these tips will help you dress in a way that encapsulates your personal essence. The most important thing to remember is to have fun with getting dressed. You don’t need to spend a lot or follow all of the trends—just wear what brings you joy and helps you bring that QUEEN energy everywhere you go!

I would love to see what outfits you create based on these tips. Feel free to send me an email or share your outfits with me on Instagram.

Did you take my style quiz yet? Find out your personal QUEEN style persona and get permission to start dressing as her now! Once you know your persona, it will be that much easier to curate your wardrobe and shop for pieces that you love. I link to Pinterest boards for each style persona that will give you instant inspiration.

And you can get even more inspiration and a look at my favorite wardrobe essentials when you follow me on Pinterest.

Want more 1:1 support on building outfits that feel fun, easy, and represent who you truly are? Explore my styling invitation.


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