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Bra Styling Secrets That Will Change Your Life

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

lingerie wardrobe complete with matching bras, underwear

Every time I buy new lingerie, I am reminded of what a difference these lovely, perfectly fitted pieces can make. Getting dressed in the morning is much more exciting when you start with a bra that truly fits you and that supports your current body shape. With a beautiful first layer, you feel pretty, sexy, and confident!

My biggest fashion inspiration, my husband’s Grandma Ida, always gave me the best styling secrets. She is the one who taught me the importance of undergarments and paying attention to the smallest of details. She passed away at age 97, and even into her latest days, she said she would match her underwear to her bras. Truly, the most important style secret that no one tells you about is starting with a good, fresh collection of undergarments—because it starts from the bottom up!

Is it time for your lingerie drawer to get a makeover? Read on to learn how to find the right fit and discover which pieces you really need to form a full, functional lingerie wardrobe.

Tali at her bra styling appointment at Rigby & Peller


Let’s start with one of the most important staple pieces: your bra! If you’ve struggled with finding the right fit and style of bras, you aren’t alone. Eight out of ten women aren’t wearing the right bra size for them, and even I have had times when I wasn’t wearing the right size. Any time I lose or gain weight, for example, I need to get resized, so your “perfect” fit can fluctuate—it could even change depending on the season or time of month! But we don’t always think about investing in new bras at these times.

I personally have two different bra sizes that I switch between, depending on the time of the month or how often I’ve been working out. (If you don’t feel the need to buy a different size, you can also adjust your straps to fix the support and shape levels whenever you need it.)

And if you are bustier like I am, it can also be hard to find the right level of support for you. I’m a fan of wired bras for that reason. I think they give me better support and shape. But if you have a smaller chest, unlined bras will definitely work for you and keep things perky and comfy!


I recommend everyone have three bra colors: black, nude, and a pop of color. I wear black 90% of the time. I also wear nude under white and sheer tops, so it has that invisible effect. And of course, I like a pop of color just in case! Choose whichever color speaks to you or change it up depending on the season (I like red for the holidays).

In addition to your everyday traditional bras, I recommend getting a lace bralette for that extra sexy mysterious look. I love lace bralettes peeking out from shirts and sweaters or under a blazer.

And speaking of versatile pieces you can wear multiple ways, I also recently bought a couple corset-type bras from Rigby & Peller that look great under a blazer. Pieces like these can add a little extra something to your outfits, in addition to making you feel beautiful and confident.

And don’t forget about a good sports bra! I have been loving mine from Lululemon, love the variety of great styles for everyone.


And finally, I want to share a few of my best bra secrets with you!

I’m a huge fan of lace bras and barrettes because they are so sexy. But you want style them in a sophisticated, understated way. Avoid styling lace bras with short skirts and deep v-neck tops. Instead, try exposing a little bit of the lace strap under an oversized sweater or button down. That little lacy peekaboo l adds major mysterious sex appeal!

Another bra styling secret that really changed my life is layering your bras. It’s a style tip you’ve likely never heard, but once you know it, you can’t live without it! I know it’s hard to find a lace bralette that actually provides good support. To fix this problem, I usually wear a nude or black bra with the support, and then wear the sexier, prettier bralette layered over. You still get that sexy vibe with all the best shape! This is also how I style bras as tops. At this Kobi Halperin event, I was wearing a bralette as a top under a blazer!


Tali shopping for new lingerie at Rigby & Peller

If you’re feeling called to revamp your lingerie drawer and find which bras fit you best, make a complimentary appointment with my favorite lingerie shop, Rigby & Peller. If you request an appointment at the 900 Shops location through the link below, I may even stop by during your appointment to say hi, if I’m around that day. And if you shop at that location and mention my name, you’ll receive a special gift!

These are all the best bra styling secrets that have helped me call forth my inner QUEEN, and I know they will help you call yours forth too!

I hope this post was helpful and inspiring. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter for more styling tips, fit for your inner QUEEN.


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