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Hello Queen, I'm Tali!

This will surprise you! I was an accountant, married to a horrible man, and wore baggy clothes. I changed that by learning to love myself and then embodying my true essence through clothing. I can empower you because I have empowered myself.

Twenty-plus years ago, I was an overweight and frumpy accountant. I had a boring career, was married to an abusive man, and wore dark baggy clothes that hid my unhappiness. I wanted to change, and I began with my outside appearance. I wanted to create what felt more like my true self, so I started exercising and dressing differently—with more fun. And then, I dumped my husband.


As I began to wear bright, fun expressive clothing that felt true to a more powerful version of myself, I began to feel who I really am on the inside. (Just follow my Instagram and you’ll see that I no longer hold anything back!) As I showed my true self more and more, I began to love myself, feel empowered, and attract great people who have allowed me to grow and expand my life and business. This is the gift I want to give to you.

Today I am a stylist to women leaders around the world and the founder of Tel Aviv Couture. My greatest passion is to help women like you to shine in your true essence through a styling process I refer to as: “Calling Forth the Queen.” My gift as a stylist and coach is to bring out who you are on the inside for everyone to see on the outside. This process also creates an energetic shift so that you become magnetic, and the resources you need to lead your business find their way to you effortlessly. This is exactly how I have grown my business.

Giving back is one of my core values. Since the inception of Tel Aviv Couture, I have raised money for nonprofit causes near and dear to my heart. In 2022, I expanded my philanthropic commitment by co-founding a foundation with my husband. Because I am Ukrainian-born, I was deeply impacted by the recent war. In response, my husband and I created the Sweet Dome Chicago Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides housing for Ukrainian refugee families in the Chicagoland area. I credit my “Calling Forth the Queen” process for lifting me out of depression about the war and into action as a female leader committed to creating a more peaceful world.

I am now married to the love of my life, Jason, and we have 3 beautiful children. You can work with me at my 900XTali Studio located in Chicago’s luxury shopping epicenter, the Magnificent Mile. Currently a percentage of all styling fees and shopping spends are donated back to my foundation.

Client Transformation Stories

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 Gina Marotta

“This Goddess outfit will upset the men. You have to go in a different direction.”


I was literally told this about an outfit Tali dressed me in for a public appearance. I was shocked at this feedback and told the person that I have always been true about who I am, and if she felt this way, I probably was not the right person to lead this event.


With a bit of reflection, I chose to change the outfit and move forward. To do so required a lot of spiritual and emotional support. I called upon a spiritual guide and a cherished friend to help me transmute the inner rage and feeling of attack and return to love. It was one of the hardest experiences in recent history for me, but I did show up in Light.

What I see now is that this situation presented me with what is known in the spiritual world as a “mirror.” A spiritual mirror shows up to reflect back to us something inside of ourselves—just as a mirror does—but it is something hidden that limits us from reaching our potential.

Over the last decade, I have practiced embracing my inner goddess and sharing this energy with the women I work with. Yet, unseen to me, I was holding the belief that I could not fully embody this energy externally. I did not believe enough in myself to show my goddess nature, and I certainly did not believe it was appropriate to show in public.

These beliefs were “in the shadow,” hidden from my consciousness and have been holding back from my potential. It was my work with Tali that was calling me forth into my higher level of feminine leadership—that allowed me to see my Truth.


Today I allow my Goddess energy to show up in what I wear. I focus on what feels feminine. I am not afraid to show skin, cleavage, or my crooked toes. I love all of me. And as she says, getting dressed in the morning is where the magic happens. When I play in the morning with makeup and clothes so that I embody the Goddess, I become Her.


Thank you, Tali, for holding space with me for this epic elevation into my true feminine leadership!

Michelle Allen

For the past few years, I have really thought about the vision I wanted for my life, and I became extremely interested in having a wardrobe that defines ME and the way that I want to LOOK and FEEL!


I have always found clothes that I like at the mall but did not know how to style them together, and I was always just going out and buying clothes for a specific occasion and never really wearing them again. I felt as though I was wasting precious time and money on things that I may not necessarily need.


I wanted to best represent my brand and WHO I am, as well as bring my best self forward as a mentor and leader in my field, and I did believe that with the right clothes, it would help bring out a newfound confidence I knew I had.

Michelle Allan.jpg

Luckily, I was introduced to Tali Kogan by my boss and friend Dr. Sonia Chopra, and after seeing the confidence Dr. Chopra now has after her styling session with Tali, she is bringing her best self forward every day. I wanted that!

The styling session with Tali and her team was such an amazing experience in itself; they are ROCKSTARS, and they knew how to bring out MY style and beauty with confidence. It always takes a second for me to get out of my bubble, but their energy made me feel extremely comfortable walking that fake runway in style!


On top of the experience, I now feel that I can bring out my style no matter what I wear. They showed me how to put certain clothes together and how to style them specifically so that I can buy a few things but have a few outfits to show for what I bought and that is priceless to me.


I believe wholeheartedly that what a woman wears can change her entire perspective on life and how she will walk and talk and hold her head up higher, dressing for WHO SHE IS inside!


I had my own cheerleaders that day and will forever adore these ladies! I will always be grateful for the connections that I made with these two beautiful souls that are trying to change the world, one outfit at a time!


Thank you so much, Tali and team!  

 Jessica Zweig

Photo 19-2-2021, 2 07 21 PM.jpg

I met Tali in the early days of starting my company, The Simply Be Agency. At that time, I thought I knew fashion and how to shop, but I didn’t know anything about style. Tali taught me how to use clothing to express myself, be myself, and to show up as a higher version of myself. 


Over many styling, coaching, and VIP photoshoot experiences with Tali, I transformed my brand and how I show up in the world. I have grown my company to seven figures, and I have become someone regularly invited to be on camera, on stages, and in magazines. I now feel at home as a leader online and in my community. 

Tali helped me become fully alive as a leader.  She unlocked a light in me I knew was there but didn’t know how to pull out. I needed a partner, a collaborator, someone to hold a mirror up to me, not just physically, but also metaphorically to see who I am inside. 


My elevation is not only about wearing beautiful outfits, it’s about the person I became in working with Tali. This is not how I have experienced other stylists. Tali has unicorn blood. Working with her is so much more than clothes. It’s about empowerment as a feminine leader.

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