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Shine every day through your style. Your styling work with Tali is a masterclass in shining as your best self. Empowered with her fashion best practices, you confidently show the world who you truly are as a feminine leader through your style choices.

Fashion you love in your closet. You feel beautiful and empowered in your wardrobe. No more staring in your closet with nothing to wear! Every piece you own will bring you joy, confidence, and serve you and your professional intentions.

Ease and creativity in daily dressing. You are empowered to shop like a Queen for staple and statement pieces. And every day as you get dressed, you enjoy ease and fun in creating fresh looks.

Your style attracts your tribe. Your style is a vibe. When you show up confident, creative, and loving yourself, you attract people and opportunities with positive energy that will elevate your life and work.



Looking for new ways to inspire the women in your company or community?

Invite Tali to share her signature process for elevating women leaders through style. Tali can share her signature talk or create a custom talk for your audience.

Elevate Your Style with Your Feminine Leadership Uniform

Tali believes and knows that when women embody their true essence and true power as leaders, they attract opportunity and all the resources they need. What Tali offers is more than a “talk.” It is a transformational experience. Women in her audiences light up with greater self-confidence, access their inner power, and feel their beauty and feminine energy. In a practical sense, Tali also takes the mystery out of style and makes getting dressed each day as a female professional both fun and easy. Audience members leave with clarity around their style persona, a shopping list of the most important wardrobe essentials for their feminine leadership uniform, and three transformational steps to take every day that—according to Tali—help each woman “call forth the queen” within.


Speaker Summary: Tali Kogan, Women’s Leadership Coach + Stylist

  • Founder and Stylist, Tel Aviv Couture

  • Transformational teacher for creating empowering mindsets

  • Inspiring guide for Feminine Leadership

  • Co-Founder, Sweet Dome Chicago Foundation


Speaking fees start at $2,500.


Email Tali about speaking at your company or community!

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Transformational ViP experience with Tali & her team

Private coaching + styling

Level up your leadership with elevated personal style) that matches your brand.

Receive support from Tali + her team to create style identity that show who you

are in business.


Services include:

  • Be styled and coached by Tali

  • Tali’s team shops for you

  • Enjoy at least 5 outfits that represent you as a feminine leader


Photoshoot production + styling

Level up your business brand with a styled professional photoshoot.

Receive a new set of professional photos that reflect your brand and you in your highest shine.


Services include:

  • Tali’s team pulls all the looks for you

  • Tali styles you for multiple looks onsite at your photoshoot

  • Studio clothing rental is permitted with option to buy outfits

  • Enjoy full access to Tali’s studio for your photoshoot

  • Get referrals for photographers, makeup + hair stylists


Leadership Styling Packages range from $5,000 - $15,000



Got a fashion brand or other product or service you know women leaders need?

Become a brand partner with Tali.


Tali shares high-quality and unique products and services with her Instagram community of 30K women (and growing). Her audience of women leaders love hearing from women-owned and led companies. As your partner, Tali adds her creative spirit to bring attention to what is great about your brand.


Opportunities include:

  • Including your brand in Tali’s studio and at live events

  • Featuring your brand at Tali’s speaking engagements

  • Including your brand in Instagram stories, and lives

  • Creating original Instagram posts and reels featuring your brand


Email Tali to inquire about featuring your brand with her community!

Giving Back


Do you love investing in companies that give back?

The recent Russian-Ukrainian war catalyzed Tali, who was born in Ukraine, to call forth her inner queen to help those in need.  In response, Tali and her husband Jason formed the Sweet Dome Chicago Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization that provides housing for Ukrainian refugee families in the Chicagoland area.


When you work with Tali, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the foundation and be an investment in opportunity. In some cases, Tali’s partners like 900 North Michigan Shops also match and make donations connected to your purchases. Learn more about the amazing work of Sweet Dome Chicago here.

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