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A 1:1 transformational styling experience with TALI and her team.

You are a feminine leader meant to shine & change the world.

You recently reclaimed yourself! You did the inner work to discover your true calling and cultivate the strength to rise. Now, you are stepping into your fullest feminine power. You know it is your time to shine and to call forth your inner

You want your outer appearance to match your
inner light. 

While you’ve found your inner light, you don’t feel your wardrobe reflects who you really are. Your clothes feel frumpy and out-of-date, and this dulls your shine.

You’re ready to dress as the QUEEN you are.

To live your dreams and be a leader, you want to feel your best and show the world your gifts. You are ready to elevate, to invest in yourself and your personal style—because you know that a
QUEEN attracts what she wants when she dresses for it! 

Our styling packages are pathways to fulfill your fashion desires and to shine as the highest version of yourself. You will be guided by our expert team members who are fully invested in your empowerment through style. Our goal is that fashion becomes effortless for you.


Results you can expect:


“This is more than clothes. This is empowerment. This is confidence and understanding that you deserve to shine and love how you feel. And Tali activates that in you.”

Jessica Zweig
Author, Speaker and Founder + CEO of the Simply Be Agency

Styling Packages Include:

Style plan + vision board:

Before your styling experience, we gather information from you so that we can get a clear vision together of your personal brand and QUEEN style persona. You will enjoy:

  • A style survey to prepare you and your style team to work together

  • A zoom meeting with your style team to clarify your style vision

  • A confirmation of your QUEEN persona to empower you to be yourself 

  • A vision board that prepares your team to shop for you

Transformational styling + shopping experience

Elevate your personal style and refresh your entire wardrobe in one day! During your styling experience, your style team will dress you and empower you to shine as the dynamic feminine leader you are. You will:

  • Shop for your new elevated wardrobe essentials that reflect your QUEEN persona 

  • Discover your CROWN, an accessory that activates your Queen energy

  • Receive masterclass-level guidance on how to style yourself like pro (no more closet full of black leggings  + same outfits over and over again)

  • Be photographed with love and empowerment as you learn how to pose with fun and ease


Digital personal lookbook + support

After your styling experience, you’ll receive support to empower you to integrate into the world with your QUEEN energy and elevated style persona. You will enjoy:

  • A lookbook from your styling session to remember how pieces go together

  • Text support from your style team for up to two weeks

  • An opportunity for additional shopping (with additional fees)

  • An invitation to be featured on our Instagram channel with 30K followers!

“The best thing about working with Tali is that she teaches you—it’s not just about clothes. The spirituality of style is what Tali does best.” 

Judi Holler
Podcaster, Speaker, and Author of Fear is My Homeboy


Choose from 3 Styling Packages


Public Appearance Styling

Have a public appearance where you want to shine—like a speaking engagement or book launch? Work with our team to find your most aligned business look that makes you feel like a QUEEN.

Includes all of our standard services listed above, plus:

1-3 outfits for your special occasion

*Pricing based on 90 minutes styling at the 900XTali studio*

Styling fee: $5,000

Personal Brand Styling

Ready to level up your personal style with a wardrobe that is aligned with your brand? Prepare to transform and step into your fullest feminine power! Your style team will curate an entire new wardrobe and series of outfits that reflects the QUEEN you are in business.

Includes all of our standard services plus:

5-10 outfits matching your brand

*Pricing based on 2 hour styling session at the 900XTali studio*

Styling fee: $10,000


Personal Brand Styling + Photoshoot

(Includes space + clothing rental)

Would you love a new set of photos that reflect your brand and the QUEEN you are? Get styled, borrow the perfect outfits, and enjoy a photoshoot in our studio at 900 Shops and on Michigan Avenue.

Includes all of our standard services plus:

At least 3 favorite outfits for you to be professionally photographed in at 3 different locations.

All photography is done by our in-house photographer, Yulia Sabrina. Photography fee is included in this package. You may also choose to work with your own photographer.

*Pricing based on 3-hour styling and photography session*

Styling fee: starting at $15,000

*All photography featured above was done by our in-house Ukranian photographer, Yulia Sabrina.

A portion of  proceeds of your styling fees and shopping invoice will benefit our Sweet Dome Chicago Foundation supporting Ukrainian refugees! Our in-house photographer Yulia Sabrina is the second family we supported and rehoused through Sweet Dome Chicago. These donations will be made through 900XTali and our partner 900 North Michigan Shops

Return on Investment

A dream wardrobe made of new, elevated wardrobe essentials, which will empower you to: 

  • Feel effortlessly stylish every day.

  • Dress as the QUEEN that you are.

  • Be magnetic to your desires.

  • Increase your impact on the world.

Ready? Call forth your inner QUEEN with one easy step.

If this styling invitation resonates with you, schedule a free, no-obligation introductory call with a member of our team. You’ll gain insight about your style, and you’ll also get to know how you would feel working with us. 



Calling Forth the Queen Styling Masterclass

Next class: TBA

Join us for the next Calling Forth the Queen event, a shopping experience with stylist Tali Kogan to help you elevate your personal style simply and effortlessly. You'll learn Tali's top styling tools and enjoy a sisterhood and styling reception.

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