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7 Tips to Add Edge to Your Business Attire

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

As you might already know, I was once part of the "business" world, working as an accountant and in real estate. I actually get asked this question a lot:

"How would you dress if you worked in corporate again?"

You might be thinking that business attire sounds boring, but when you add your own twist to it, you can make any office-appropriate look unique!

Here are 7 easy tips to add edge to your business attire.

1. Wear an interesting cutout vest or top on top of your white button down shirt.

There's nothing more classic than a white button down shirt. Add some edge by layering a cutout vest or top. Cutout details were all over this year's New York runways, and this is a great way to bring that trend into the office.

I wore this twisted suit for a show at NYFW. I snagged this geometric top by Ikram on sale years ago, and I have to admit, it took some time to figure out how to wear it. Once I discovered this layering trick, I'm obsessed! Cutouts are perfect when paired on top of simple, more basic pieces to add style with layers. Shop a similar cutout vest here.

2. Wear white shirts with unexpected details.

Not in the mood for layering something on top of your white shirt? No problem.

Wear a white shirt with added details like studs or ruffle details like this one.

Unexpected details are a great way to add edge to your traditional look. Here I am wearing one of my all time favorite purchases, a Brunello Cucinelli blouse with delicate chain details. Whenever I'm having trouble deciding what to wear, I reach for this shirt. By the way, I bought this on sale, too. Regardless, I always say that if you wear something often, then it's definitely worth spending money on it!

3. Be bold by adding a statement necklace or collar.

When you wear a bold, flashy statement necklace or collar with a crisp, clean look, your outfit becomes effortlessly fab. Statement necklaces are so easy to throw on with a white button down shirt or a basic suit or dress, adding personality without getting too complicated. Etsy is a great place to find a variety of embellished collar necklaces like this one.

4. Swap your white button down for a lace or textured top.

Don't be afraid to mix and match textures and patterns. A lace top is a great way to add delicate, feminine romanticism to your office suit. Pair a lace blouse like this one with a sharp blazer, and you've got a look that's sexy and professional.

By the way, another hot trend is texture, especially on sleeves, like the creme blouse I'm wearing below. Lace, mixed textures and patterns can add just the right amount of mystique that's office appropriate.

5. Roll your pants up above the ankle or wear a cropped pair of slacks.

You can roll up your pants or wear cropped pants that hit your leg above the ankle to look extra stylish and chic. Layer fun socks or fancy tights to really add some edge in an unexpected way. I love to pair a blazer with a sporty pair like these joggers.

6. Shoes! (What more can I say here?)

Sometimes all you need to give your basic office look some edge is a fabulous pair of shoes. My go-to choices are pointed toe pumps or a cute pair of booties. They add style and coolness to any look. A good pair of shoes can make you look like you're on top of the world! I am also big on white shoes, like these white crocodile pumps. Be sure to maintain them, and they will look so chic, always!

7. Roll or scrunch your jacket sleeves up.

This is the same idea as with the cropped pants. Roll up your sleeves and get to work--literally! You can reveal layers of your fabulous tops and other accessories. It creates lots of depth if you pair it with a plaid blazer like this one! It's a perfect trick to add edge to any suit.

How do you make your professional style your own? Share your tips and tricks below in the comments section!

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