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Loafers: A New CROWN for your feet!

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

My best styling tips for my current favorite CROWN, loafers!

Every QUEEN wears a CROWN, special embellishments that take her outfit to the next level and make it truly hers. And one great place to wear your CROWN is on your feet!

I personally have been loving wearing loafers as my CROWN this season. They are versatile and comfortable. But if you had asked me about loafers a few years ago, I would not have said I’d wear them (they always seemed so bulky and chunky), and I usually don’t wear things just because they are trendy. I will, however, try out trends as an experiment, and will keep what aligns and brings me joy. This time, I tried it and found a style that works for me–and I’ll never go back!

If you’re skeptical, I understand, but I encourage you to try out this CROWN to see if it fits. Using my tips, I think you’ll find a pair and style you love! (Plus, I have looks you can try for your specific QUEEN persona–keep reading to see my suggestions. And if you haven’t discovered your persona yet, take the quiz.)

My Favorite Brands & Styles

Finding the right loafer starts with finding the right brand that has the right styles for you. I have four brands that are my personal favorites:


My personal shopper at Gucci at the 900 Shops, Alyssa, first introduced me to this idea of a CROWN for my feet! And I am in love with this gold pair. They are super comfortable and chic, and they look amazing with everything. I’ve already gotten them for several clients. These cost more, but they are a great investment (and would make a great gift for the holidays).


Their loafers are versatile and affordable, and they’re also comfortable. They're available in multiple colors and a nice pop of color, blue. My favorite is the silver loafers, and I wore these with every single outfit when I went to New York Fashion Week last month.

Michele Lopriore

I already have combat boots and some sneakers from this Italian brand, but now I am obsessed with their loafers, especially the sparkly ones. They are a legit crown on your feet!

Kate Spade

They have a lot of great style and color options, including pairs with heels. My favorites are the Leandra Loafer Pumps and the Coin Loafers in Croc-Embossed Leather. (Tip: If you want a pair of these, be sure to get them soonthey sold out last year and this year, but they just restocked the sizes!)

If you want to explore these brands and styles, all of them are at 900 Shops. I can connect with my favorite personal stylists for a 1:1 complimentary shopping appointment. (Spaces are limited, so if you are interested, fill out the form linked below as soon as you can, and I will get back to you.)

If I’m around 900 Shops on the day of your appointment, I will stop by for a visit!

My Loafer Styling Tips

After trying many styles with different outfits, these are my best styling tips for loafers.

Balance them with opposite or contrasting styles.

Loafers are masculine, so balancing them with more feminine or elegant pieces can work really well. For example, I love styling them with skirts and dresses, especially ones that incorporate lace or silk.

Wear them with socks.

This is a great option while we are in between seasons. This can create an illusion of a super cool bootie–plus, it makes them even more comfortable.

Tulle socks in particular are so cute (you can even get ones with rhinestones on them), and they really take your outfit to the next level. You can get a cheap pair at Zara right now for $17.

Another tip if you use tulle socks: these can be uncomfortable if you’re walking long distances, so try layering them over your comfiest socks.

Check out the gallery below to see examples of outfits where I paired loafers with socks.

Looks for your QUEEN Persona

Loafers work for all QUEENS, whether your style is Boho, Capsule, Extra, or Streetwear! Check out the photo collages below for inspiration on how to style loafers according to your style persona. (Don't know your persona? Take the quiz!)




It's Your Turn, QUEEN!

Do your best not to overthink it, and give loafers a try. Pair them with an outfit and take a selfie, then sleep on it. See if the look grows on you–I think it will!

And remember, if you want some help finding the right pair, request a complimentary, 1:1 styling appointment with one of my favorite brands at 900 Shops! Space is limited, so be sure to let me know of your interest as soon as you can, and I will get back to you to schedule an appointment.


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