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Shop + Clean Your Closet Guide

Updated: Mar 5

EVERYTHING starts with your closet. It’s not just where you keep your clothes—it’s where you get inspired and create outfits that reflect the QUEEN you are!

If your closet currently makes you feel overwhelmed, uninspired, and like you have nothing to wear, then it’s time to clean it out. And below I am sharing a guide on exactly how to do this.

But first, I want to answer some common questions about closet cleanup:

How often should I clean my closet?

My clients and I clean our closets every couple of months or at least every season.

What are the real benefits of doing this so often?

  • You rediscover and reinvent pieces you already own. In this sense, the most cost-effective way to shop is in your own closet!

  • You become more intentional with your shopping. You’ll know which pieces you’re missing, so you won’t end up buying what you don’t need or already have. You can start to schedule or plan your shopping trips around sales at your favorite stores.

  • It’s easier to see and find what you need when everything is organized. This will make getting dressed effortless and fun

What items should I have in it?

The best closet isn’t the one with the most pieces. Less is more. Download my Wardrobe Essentials List to see which key pieces you’ll need (and keep it nearby when you start your cleaning process). It can also be helpful to know your QUEEN Style Persona, so you only keep what is aligned with it. Take my quiz to find out your style.

Now, let’s get into the process!


To help you have a successful closet cleanout, do a little prep work:

  • Get out your calendar. Choose a day that you can block off three hours in the morning or afternoon. Just how much time you need depends on how large your closet is, but I recommend dedicating at least three hours.

  • Order velvet hangers from Amazon. These are the best hangers for your closet because they save space, and your clothes won’t slip.

  • Make it fun! This process doesn’t have to be a boring chore. Invite friends, make a playlist, get some wine or tea or whatever suits your fancy, and have it all ready to go for the big day.

  • And lastly, print out the Wardrobe Essentials List!


You’ve got your hangers, playlist, friends, Essentials List, and anything else you want ready to go. Now what?

  • Empty Your Entire Closet. I'm serious—just take it all out and dump it on the bed or floor!

  • Sort. Create separate piles: one for clothes to keep, one for pieces to sell, one for pieces to donate, and one for alterations or dry cleaning.

  • Purge. Let go of anything that you haven't worn in the last year, don't love, or that doesn't fit. Check that what you keep aligns with your style persona. And DON’T keep pieces that don’t fit in hopes that one day you will fit into them! This doesn’t serve you, and it is setting you up for frustration. Who wants to walk into a closet every day that has stuff that doesn’t even fit?


You know what you want to keep, and they are pieces you love! Now it is time to put them back into the closet in a way that’s easy for you to see what you have and to grab what you need.

  • First, organize your clothes by category: dresses, pants, tee-shirts, accessories, etc.

  • Then organize by color. I LOVE organizing by color—it's just really appealing to the eye! The best way to go is from light to dark.

  • If you don't have enough hanging space, make use of that drawer and shelf space. Check out the Marie Kondo folding system.

  • For jewelry, I suggest laying everything in velvet trays so it's easy to see what you have.

For items you want to donate or sell, I recommend two places:

  • Northshore Exchange is a great place to consign if you’re in the Chicago area. They donate 100% of the proceeds to charity. Not only does re-selling help the environment, but it's also a great way to earn back some of your investment and allows others to give new life to the clothes.

  • Galore Consignment is great whether you are in Chicago or beyond. If you’re in the area, Allie will come over and pick stuff up from your house and get to work on selling it for you right away. If you don’t live in the area, you can ship your items to her. She can also donate items on your behalf.

Now, everything has a home, including the things you no longer need!


During the organization process, have a little fun and reinvent what you already own. Play dress-up and try things on. This will help you make sure that what you want to keep still fits well, and you’ll discover outfits you can use in the future. Snap some selfies or have a friend take photos of you so you can create your own lookbook for outfits.

When you're in a pinch and need an outfit, this lookbook will save you the time and money you’d spend on emergency shopping. Plus, it will increase your confidence. You'll thank me later!


I built this process after cleaning out hundreds of closets over the last ten years, so I can assure you this will help you get your dream closet. Just look at how big a difference it can make! THIS is where attracting what you desire starts, with the clothes that fit the QUEEN you are.







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