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The Blazer Edit: 5-Stylist Approved Blazer Outfits

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

A few weeks ago, one of you lovely readers requested I do a "blazer round-up," and I thought, OMG such an amazing idea! Blazers are hands down the #1 most worn item in my wardrobe. It's such a wardrobe staple, and blazer outfits are my go-to for everything.

Let's admit it, a blazer always makes you look put together! It's really so easy to style--and no, it doesn't have to look super corporate! My background is in accounting, so I am very familiar with those office outfit vibes... You can trust me that I learned how to make blazers look stylish! So, today I'm sharing my personal blazer edit! I'm sharing 5 stylist-approved ways to style blazers to look the most effortless, fashionable, and professional. And keep reading this post to the end, because I will be sharing the 3 styles of blazers you should focus on, the best blazer brands, and my personal favorite picks!

Before we even get started, I have to give you a MAJOR style tip. You should pretty much always roll your blazer sleeves up to your elbows! It hits at your waistline and just flatters your natural shape in a beautiful way. Okay, now let's dive in to the outfits!!



Honestly, sometimes I get lazy too, and I don't want to change out of my workout clothes, or I just want to be comfy all day! So yes, I wear a blazer over a cute matching set and pair it with my favorite sneakers. Just add some great accessories and you are ready to go! This is the most effortless style and you can wear it from daytime to playtime. Keep in mind that when you are styling a blazer with athleisure, go for an oversized, relaxed fit so it matches the comfy vibe.


The most classic blazer look is a business casual, chic outfit. I style an elevated fitted blazer with a simple tank/bodysuit, flattering denim, and my signature white pumps. Never overdressed or underdressed, always perfect! This outfit goes from the office, to lunch meetings, to parent-teacher conferences, to patio dinner, to events... Such a go-to 'fit.


Since your blazer was with you at the office all week, it deserves a cocktail hour, too! Especially if you are heading to happy hour straight from the office, this is the perfect day-to-night option. Style your favorite chic blazer with any leather pants (leggings or harem pants) for elevated girl's night out, or even date night!! I also love this look with a lace cami or bralette. You can do pumps, booties, or sneakers.


The biggest myth about blazers is that you need to have an occasion or a reason to "get dressed up" wearing them. That's simply not true! Blazers are for everyday, too--in fact, one of the best ways to style blazer outfits is super casual, with denim, sneakers, and a tee shirt for simple errands during the day. From grocery stories, to kids pick up/drop off, to sending that package at the UPS store. As long as you are confident and feel good, you will look good!


Where are my fellow girl bosses?! Even before I was a stylist, I was an accountant, so I've been wearing suits to business meetings and networking events for over 15+ years. I've learned a thing or two about making them stylish! My first tip is finding a suit in your favorite, signature color. It can be as bright and bold as you are, or maybe you like classic all-white or all-black! Whatever the case, find the suit that fits your brand. Then, simply style it with a fun top and shoes! I love going for lace tops or fun patterns, even a graphic tee. This extra detail turns a boring suit into a chic & trendy matching set!!


Once in a while, I'll style blazers with dresses, too! This one is a little harder to nail, but for my experienced stylists out there, it's worth a shot! The important thing here is not drowning in too much fabric. Keep everything simple, not too much going on. I prefer cropped or fitted blazers with dresses, so you don't lose your figure! It's also a great idea that the dress has an open neckline, so you can add a little bit of sexy vibe with the blazer on top.


So now you're probably thinking, "Great tips, Tali! But where do I find the right blazers for these looks?" And I totally get it. Luckily, I am a little bit blazer-obsessed, and I know which 3 styles you should focus on and where to find all the best versions for every budget! Overall my favorite brands for blazers are: Veronica Beard, A.L.C., L'agence, Express, Ann Taylor, ASOS, H&M, and Zara.


One blazer I recommend to every girl is this double-breasted Balmain blazer style. They are more fitted, sexier, and definitely scream boss lady vibes!! Easily the hottest blazer out there. Balmain is amazing to invest in because it's done so well and really lasts forever (white or black is so classic!). If you can't invest in Balmain, I totally understand, so I linked a few more (almost identical) options.


ASOS, $83



BALMAIN, $2295


For those athleisure blazer outfits and casual everyday 'fits, the relaxed blazer is the way to go. I look for options that have the ruched-sleeves already sewed in, so you get that effortless styled vibe.

H&M $49

H&M, $49


I swear by this one!! A pop of color blazer adds major "wow" factor and makes an office vibe more of a FUN vibe! I recommend picking a blazer in your favorite color, so you love it that much more.

H&M, $49


I hope this blog post was really helpful and got you inspired! Please keep in mind that I am also offering 1:1 styling services, workshops and so much more. Click here for my full services and sign up for my newsletter.


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