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The Gift That Keeps On Giving: A Good Suit

I believe that when you choose an outfit, you are choosing how you want to feel. Getting dressed is an act of self-care, and it is an activation of our highest selves. 

There is one item on my Wardrobe Essential List that always helps me feel my best: a good suit. 

Whenever you have a big presentation or event, suits and blazers will help you feel more confident and empowered. They are also incredibly versatile, so you can wear them for the big moments and beyond. I really can’t recommend investing in one more, and especially now, when all of us feminine leaders need to activate our inner power and Call Forth the QUEEN

How to Style a Suit

Suits make for such a great statement piece in your wardrobe, and they are incredibly versatile. You can wear a suit together to make an epic QUEEN Boss Lady moment, or you can wear the pieces separately in multiple ways. I encourage you to try: 

  • Switching out the blouses and tops

  • Wearing them with sweatshirts and sneakers

  • Playing with the most versatile piece, the blazer: pair it with a dress, jeans, or even leggings

There are so many options!

While suits may seem masculine, it is all in how you style and wear them. Select colors and textures that really pop and speak to you, and add in feminine details with your tops, shoes, and your CROWN to remind yourself and others that the QUEEN is in the house.

My Favorite Suits

My personal favorite suits are ones that were custom-made for me by another amazing woman-owned business: Provenance by Diana Michelle. Diana is an incredibly talented maker who has a store at the 900 Shops, and she is my go-to for gifts and beautiful suits (for men and women). After buying her perfume and having her create suits for me, I am completely hooked!

Diana worked with me to curate and design two entirely different looks that are both equally and uniquely me, and my soul and light shine through both. The first suit she made for me was a bit more traditional, a matching suit, but the print and color are what make it truly special. This two-piece suit was custom designed with a stunning dark metallic floral jacquard fabric from Paris–it looks and feels luxurious!

For my second suit, I decided to experiment and have different colors for the pants and blazer (so not a full matching 2-piece suit), but both of the pants and blazer are bright neon colors, as I’m all about bringing more color to life! I couldn’t be happier with this choice, as it makes the suit edgier and even more versatile.

Create Your Own Custom Suit

Having a suit made just for you is truly powerful and activates you to another level. It is an experience that I think every QUEEN deserves, and Diana makes the process absolutely magical. 

With the holidays approaching, a custom suit makes for a great gift and is a wonderful way to empower QUEENS to shine. And for this month, Diana is offering 20% off to my amazing community. 

If a custom suit is something you are interested in, for yourself or someone else, you can schedule a complimentary 1:1 appointment with Diana. You will talk about what you’re looking for and select a fabric. (Diana has the most unique selection of fabrics and textures from Europe, ones you wouldn’t normally find here in the US, and that is what helps make these pieces so special!)  

Diana also has many other wonderful gifts available, including the most exclusive collection of perfumes you can only find at her shop. My personal favorite is Sintra by Memo. If you like vanilla like me, be ready to get hooked. Perfumes make a perfect holiday gift!

I hope you will empower yourself with a beautiful gift this season while also supporting and empowering this woman-owned business!

Did you take my style quiz yet? Find out your personal QUEEN style persona and get permission to start dressing as her now! Once you know your persona, it will be that much easier to shop for a suit you love. I link to Pinterest boards for each style persona that will give you instant inspiration.

And you can get even more inspiration and a look at my favorite wardrobe essentials when you follow me on Pinterest.

Want more 1:1 support on building outfits that feel fun, easy, and represent who you truly are? Explore my styling invitation.


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